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An Expressionist Artist’s thumb-in-cheek take on the art scene, art-making, and “artiness” in general: With some ideas on artistic integrity and its relationship to the painting process.

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   THE ART IS ALWAYS THE MESSAGE The art  is the message ––to paraphrase Marshal McLuhan’s  “the medium is the message”.   The old saw about literary art went: ‘if you want to send a message, phone Western Union and send a telegram.’  Well, Western Union and the singing telegram have all but gone the… read more


 PICASSO’S MODUS OPERANDI   Picasso’s Modus Operandi boiled down to not having a specific way of operating. He never pinned himself down. He tried everything.     As an expressionist painter who works in many different ways, I am so very indebted to Picasso–– and I humbly acknowledge him not only as my teacher but also… read more

WHY I AM AN EXPRESSIONIST PAINTER: From Buying Green Bananas Back to 5 Years Old

THE FIVE YEAR OLD’S MASTERPIECE?   As a woman of a “certain age” I do buy green bananas. And I intend to “spunk” it  forward to  the end of all things as an artist of whatever. Which somehow entails traveling backwards in time.    I  still keep hoping to experience that ultimate kick of creating… read more


WHAT IS ART, ANYWAY? The late great Louis Armstrong said: “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know”. Does that apply to visual art––That you either know the real article in your bones, or you don’t? THAT IT SPEAKS TO YOU OR IT DOESN’T?  What I find so exhilarating and life enhancing… read more