How Does Artistic Truth Emerge? By searching for it, or letting it happen?       SELF-PORTRAIT AS THERAPY For  want of a model or subject, I sometimes turn to Self Portrait, but for sure, not out of vanity! More like it, I do a real number on myself!     "THE… read more.

ORGANIC LIVING SCULPTURESCall  them what you may–– jellyfish, jellies, jellies, sea jellies, Medusa,   MAN OF WAR–– to my mind, they are the oldest  body artists on this planet. They have roamed the seas for 500 million years. Shaping themselves from some magic… read more.

  WOULD YOU BUY THE MONA LISA? EVEN IF YOU REALLY DON'T DIG IT? Lots of people wouldn't buy the Mona Lisa if it were painted yesterday by some unknown artist. If they could level with you ––without being hooted down–– they would tell you they really don't … read more.